Download CSI Specifications

Not all fiberglass rebar is created equal! Adequate / appropriate job specifications will help ensure that the level of quality designed into a job by the engineer is in fact delivered to the contractor utilizing the material on the job site.

ACI (American Concrete Institute) has developed and published the following two documents that can be incorporated into project specifications to control both material selection and construction utilization of FRP rebar:

These documents are performance-based, vendor neutral, specifications that provide needed assurance that the products and properties utilized in the design phase of a project are in fact supplied in the construction phase. They are available for purchase from ACI through their website www.concrete.org.

For those who are more familiar with the CSI (Construction Specification Institute) approach to job specifications, a product specification written according to the CSI format (MasterFormat, SectionFormat and PageFormat) contained in the CSI Manual of Practice can be downloaded from this page. If used, it is strongly recommended that this section be carefully reviewed by the Engineer to meet the requirements of the project before being incorporated into project specifications.

The FRP Rebar Manufacturer’s Council is presently developing a certification-based approach to project specifications that will involve on-site / third party certification and verification of FRP rebar products. Upon completion, the results of this effort will be reflected on this page.