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Pultrall, A guarantee of quality!

Pultrall ensures that you receive products free of imperfections, defects, and significant variations through a strict and consistent monitoring of measurable and verifiable standards to achieve consistency in the products supplied while meeting each customer’s specific requirements on every shipment.

Through routine sampling, our quality control process ensures that our products meet customer specifications and are within the prescribed limits of dimensional variation markers.

In addition, Pultrall has put in place the required tools for Statistical Process Control (SPC). SPC aims to improve product quality through the use of statistical tools to ensure that production is centred and as less dispersed as possible. This quality control is “dynamic”; unlike routine tests, it is not interested in isolated and instantaneous results but rather in a follow-up over time.

This is more than just a part meeting the specifications. We make sure to monitor the chronological distribution of parts within the range of tolerance, determine the causes, and make the necessary corrections when we detect a trend.

We are ISO certified since 1994:

  • • ISO9001 Certification (since 2003)
  • • TS16949 Certification (since 2009)
  • • ISO14001 Certification (since 2016)

Our services

Doing business with Pultrall means working with strong expertise, see our full range of services below.

Assistance - Engineering

At Pultrall, we recognize that the use of V•ROD composite reinforcing bars in your concrete structural engineering work is not yet commonplace. Some inherent product peculiarities require a slight adaptation of working methods mainly because of the temporary absence of abacuses and design software. We therefore compensate for these shortcomings by offering you an engineering assistance service through two civil engineers who are members of our team.

Furthermore, if you have already undertaken or completed your steel reinforcement design and are considering the use of an alternative technology that offers the advantage of being completely insensitive to corrosion, we can convert your plans and specifications free of charge and provide you with a budgetary evaluation of the scope of your project if it were carried out with V•ROD. Do not hesitate to request these services.

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Customized design training

The growing demand for V•ROD technology requires a firm understanding of the particularities of the engineering of the structures involved. While Pultrall offers support service in this regard, if you are looking at the big picture and seeing an opportunity to grow your engineering team and position your organization to offer value-added services, Pultrall has the solution!

We now offer customized training in the design of concrete structures reinforced with composite bars. These are intended to be unbiased and built to provide participants with all the tools required for efficient and optimal design work with composite materials technology as reinforcement in concrete structures. Do not hesitate to contact our team to obtain all the details related to this service.

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Logistics and transport

Planning the transportation of products like V•ROD can be challenging for some, which is why Pultrall has developed a network of contacts with reliable, reputable transportation companies that offer reasonable rates.

We use these companies regularly and are happy to offer you the benefit of our privileged partnerships with them if the need arises.

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Research and development

With annual investments totaling more than 10 percent of its revenues in research and development, Pultrall ensures that it remains at the forefront of available composite technologies and works relentlessly to improve its manufacturing processes and the quality of its products. 

If you have a situation that seems unmanageable, why not submit it to us? We will put all our expertise and know-how at your disposal and try to find an alternative/solution to the problem that concerns you.

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